Strategic Goals

GOAL #1: Advocate for role of FPs to all Stakeholders


  • Promote role of MCFP to FP’s Public and policy makers will recognize MCFP as the voice of FP’s
  • Regular involvement of MCFP at the leadership level in planning/policy with gov’t, RHA’s, etc.
  • To promote the role of FPs to physicians, public and allied health

GOAL #2: Advocate for PMH for all Manitobans


  • Bring FP leadership to RHA level to ensure adequate funding for medical home model.
  • Promote Medical Home model.
  • Establish formal relationships with politicians / govt. for the purpose of promoting the place family medicine has in the system and the Medical Home.

GOAL #3: Engage and Mobilize Members and Patients/Public

**Addition of Patients/Public since 2012 Strategic Plan

GOAL #4: Education and Research

Increase Involvement of Community–Based Family Physicians in continuum of Education and Research

**Addition of Research to goal from 2012


  • Support and collaborate with U of M Department of Family Medicineinengaging community-based FPs as teachers
  • Improve the facilitation of lifelong learning through continuing professionaldevelopment
  • Provide an information source for available CPD-Collaborate with U of M CPD departments-Increase capacity and participation of members in regard to CQI andResearch

GOAL #5: Collaboration with other organizations

GOAL #6: Social Accountability, Advocacy and Equity


  • Introduce utilization of Social Justice lens to MCFP Board Meetings
  • Increase literacy and awarenessof members regarding Social Accountability
  • Develop CPD sessions at MCFP regarding Social Accountability