Annual Scientific Assembly


About the ASA

Hosted by the Manitoba College of Family Physicians (MCFP), the Annual Scientific Assembly (ASA) is recognized as Manitoba’s premier conference for family physicians. The conference offers continuing medical education and an opportunity for family physicians to network with colleagues to share best practices in primary care.

Education for Family Docs by Family Docs!

The MCFP’s ASA Planning Committee oversees the development of the conference, and members are urban and rural family physicians. To gain a variety of perspectives at the planning table, we encourage the participation of residents, first five year physicians and nurse practitioners to provide input into the ASA programming.

Historically, the ASA takes place in April in Winnipeg. For the past several years, ASA attendance has reached or exceeded a 250 attendees. Registration at the ASA is open to family physicians, family medicine residents, medical students, and allied health care professionals. The ASA program is available online in mid-January, along with online registration.

The conference begins on Thursday morning, and sessions conclude late Friday afternoon. Saturday is devoted to Mainpro+ sessions. The MCFP hosts two major events at the ASA:

  • Annual General Meeting and Awards Presentation. (Friday at lunch)
  • President’s Awards & Recognition Dinner (Friday evening). Tickets are required.

ASA Program

To receive College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) accreditation, the ASA program must meet specific criteria as outlined in the CPFC’s A Guide to Mainpro Accreditation. It is the policy of the MCFP to ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all its accredited educational programs. Through a Call for Presentations process, the ASA Planning Committee reviews proposal submissions to determine if a proposal will be accepted for presentation at the next ASA. Submitters are then notified of the status of their proposal.

The following session types are offered at the ASA:
Keynote Presentations (45 – 60 min) The ASA offers one or two keynote presentations per conference.

Short Snappers (15 min) This is format is a consistent favourite by conference attendees. Short snappers are usually presented in a series of three 15 minute presentations, followed by 15 minutes of questions to the panel of speakers. The short snapper sessions may be related topics or completely different topics.

Mainpro+ programs The ASA offers a variety of Mainpro+ sessions on Saturday of the conference. The programs range from half day to full day offerings. Program costs for presenting Mainpro+ at the ASA are negotiated between the provider and the MCFP.