What is an eConsult?
Long wait times and limited access to specialist care remains a major barrier to health care in Canada. The eConsult service is a secure web-based tool that allows primary care providers (PCPs) quick access to speciality care for their patients.



New: The Obesity Prevention and Management e-learning module

The Obesity Prevention and Management e-learning module, developed by the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP), expands on the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care’s (CTFPHC) 2015 guidelines on the prevention and management of obesity in adults and in youth and children. The module is intended to help primary care providers better understand the impact of obesity on patients; explains measures for assessing and monitoring obesity in adults, youth, and children; and provides an overview of behavioural and pharmacotherapeutic interventions available to patients.  This Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for 1 Mainpro+® credit.

Prevention in Hand
The Prevention in Hand (PiH) website has an attractive new interface that is also highly functional and easy to navigate.
Health care professionals can access the information individually or with their patients to review current chronic disease information, professional guidelines, e-Learning modules, online assessments, and wellness and healthy lifestyle management tools. Family doctors who complete the eLearning modules can earn Mainpro+® credits.


University of Manitoba
The Department of Surgery GFT 2015 Referral Pamphlet is now available on-line through the Department’s University of Manitoba website

If alcohol, drugs or gambling are causing problems for you or someone you know, we can help. The following information lines can tell you more about the programs and services available.

Provincial Adult Addictions Information Toll-Free Line
Youth Addictions Centralized Intake Service Toll-Free Line
24-Hour Problem Gambling Toll-Free Helpline

ColonCheck has developed a new process for health care providers to request an FOBT for patients due for screening. The FOBT Request Form is available on select EMR systems. To learn more about this new form contact Linda Starodub, Health Educator at 204-788-8480 or [email protected]

Manitoba Renal Program has launched an updated kidney disease referral pathway in a new interactive format. Primary care providers can enter eGFR, ACR and if hematuria is present and get a course of action to follow – whether referral or primary care management. Visit for more information.

Telecare Manitoba
TeleCARE TéléSOINS Manitoba can assist you to manage your patients with Heart Failure or Type II Diabetes through an established, telephone-based program of RN monitoring and education supporting your patient to follow your treatment plan.
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