Manitoba FMIG

Who We Are

Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs) are groups run by medical students for medical students. Every Canadian medical school has a FMIG including the University of Manitoba Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Manitoba FMIG goals are to:

  1. Increase exposure to family medicine during undergraduate medical school.
  2. Promote postgraduate training and practice in family medicine.
  3. Improve the overall image of family medicine within the undergraduate medical school setting.

“The main focus of the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is to provide first and second year medical students with an appreciation of the advantages and challenges of Family Practice. We strive to increase student interest in the specialty, and to provide students with skills that may benefit them should they choose Family Medicine as a career.

Throughout the year, FMIG organizes several lunchtime speaker sessions covering a wide array of topics. These include: a CaRMs information session, information regarding 2+1 residency programs, perspectives on the first 5 years of practice, and other relevant Family Medicine topics.

FMIG hosts two large dinners throughout the year. The first event allows medical students the chance to meet and interact with Family Medicine residents. The second (and more formal) event is held in conjunction with the Rural Interest Group, and allows students to interact with both rural and urban Family Doctors.
FMIG is also involved in organizing several suture clinics throughout the year. In these sessions, Family Medicine residents are brought in to teach students the art of suturing.

The Family Medicine Interest Group works closely with the Manitoba College of Family Physicians (the main source of FMIG’s funding), with FMIG’s senior chair having a non-voting position on the executive board. This year, Manitoba Health has also pledged funding for FMIG’s activities.

FMIG is active on a national scale, sending representatives to the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Family Medicine Forum, held in November each year. While at the conference, representatives from FMIG participate in the CFPC’s “Walk for the Docs of Tomorrow” event – a fundraiser to support Family Medicine Scholarships for Canadian medical students across the country.

For further information regarding FMIG’s activities, please contact FMIG’s Senior Chair (Jeremy Levi, [email protected]). There are many ways to become involved, and FMIG is always on the lookout for eager Family Physicians to assist and take part in our events.”

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