Honours and Awards

2013 Recipients

Family Physician of the Year

The Manitoba College of Family Physicians Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr Mark Duerksen of Steinbach is the recipient of the Manitoba Family Physician of the Year Award for 2013.

Dr Duerksen has been an exemplary family physician in Steinbach since he completed his family medicine training 23 years ago. He is described by physicians and other colleagues as a very effective leader who is an outstanding and caring physician that quietly exemplifies optimal patient care. He has a gift for listening carefully, then getting to the root of a situation and crafting potential solutions, whether in clinical medicine, in his role as President of the Steinbach Family Medical Centre, or in one of his medical pursuits, that being seen as a leader in the implementation of computerized medical care (EMR, advanced access, involvement in the provincial PIN project).

Dr Duerksen graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Manitoba in 1988 followed by Family Medicine residency training in Manitoba. Since 1990, he has been an active member of the medical staff at the Steinbach Family Medical Centre and Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach.

Mark has been a preceptor to many medical students and family medicine residents over the years and is currently very involved in the University Dept. of Family Medicine’s recent creation of a clinical teaching unit in Steinbach. Despite having a large family practice and being involved in numerous aspects of medical care in hospital, he is envied as the person who is ‘always on time’ and having one of the shortest wait times for his patients.

Dr Duerksen has been a question writer for the CFPC’s self-learning program for many years and has been a peer leader in the Peer to Peer network which assists physicians/clinics who are in the process of establishing EMRs. He has been heavily involved with PIN (the provincial Patient Integrated Network) and is recognized as a key contributor in this area. Colleagues at Manitoba Health have consulted him many times dues to his professionalism, honesty, integrity, and vision.

Dr Duerksen finds time to enjoy many outdoor activities including jogging, biking, tennis and gardening. He is a committed family man, enjoying life together with his wife Kim; together they have 3 adult daughters.

Awards of Excellence

The Honours and Awards Committee of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, through the Awards of Excellence program, has recognized two Manitoba Family Physicians for merit in the discipline of Family Medicine.

Dr David Ross is honoured for the many contributions he has made to the discipline of family medicine for over 30 years.

He has been actively and (com)passionately involved as a ‘full service’ family physician to his patient population in Northeast Winnipeg; in addition, he has precepted, educated, and mentored hundreds of future family physicians and other caregivers in his roles in the Department of Family Medicine, where he has additionally had many other leadership positions (currently the Associate Head of the Dept.) and participated in local, provincial and national committees.
Dr Jeff Sisler is a worthy recipient of the MCFP’s Award of Excellence. Although Jeff started his career as an academic family physician and has trained many family medicine residents and still precepts at the Family Medical Centre one day per week, he is honored specifically for his outstanding work in developing the UPCON project (Uniting Primary Care and Oncology).

His innovation has led to significant improvements in how CancerCare Manitoba collaborates and communicates with family physicians for the benefit of patients throughout Manitoba. He has been an effective spokesperson for the role of family physicians in cancer care through many patient education seminars and published articles.

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