Honours and Awards

2016 Recipients

Manitoba’s Family Physician of the Year

mehtaThe Manitoba College of Family Physicians is pleased to announce that Dr Pravinsagar G. Mehta is the recipient of the Manitoba Family Physician of the Year Award for 2016. The Family Physician of the Year award is presented to an outstanding Family Physician who embodies the principles of family medicine.

Dr Mehta has been a family doctor practicing in St Boniface for the last 40 years. Besides maintaining a busy outpatient practice, he has provided leadership and ongoing clinical care in the geriatric program at SBGH and Concordia General Hospital for the majority of his career. He is considered a long standing valuable resource in the care of the frail elderly. He has provided clinical care to several nursing homes in Winnipeg consistently throughout the years. He is described by his colleagues as having outstanding commitment and exemplary clinical acumen as well as supportive mentoring and a strong collaborative team approach to patient care.
Dr Mehta has also excelled throughout his career in the area of leadership. He has held the position of bed manager for the family practice beds at SBGH for over 26 years. He served as a president of the medical staff at SBGH and service chief on the stroke unit. Additionally he was on the Board of Directors of Doctors Manitoba for 12 years serving as president from 2012-2013. In that role, he championed Physician WELLNESS and was instrumental in the establishment of the Physician Wellness initiative of Doctors Manitoba.
Dr Mehta’s devotion to his work exemplifies the principles of Family Medicine. He is a family physician who puts the patient doctor relationship first, serves as a resource to his practice and community, advocates for his patients and provides ongoing quality care.

Gary Beazley Patients Medical Home Award

The Manitoba College of Family Physicians is pleased to announce ACCESS River East is the recipient of the Gary Beazley Patients Medical Home Award for 2016.

The Gary Beazley award was created to honour the vision of the Patient’s Medical Home.
Access River East provides comprehensive services to the population of the East Kildonan area including primary care, in-hospital care at CGH, obstetrical care at SBGH and care to patients at Concordia Place Personal Care Home. Outreach to the community has been a major strength. They created a Home health Team to provide home visits to those in their community unable to access the clinic. They have a focus on providing quality medical services to vulnerable and socially disadvantaged individuals within their community.
The team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, a dietician, nurses, a psychiatrist, home care case coordinators, midwives, a mental health counsellor and a part time pharmacist. The group utilizes their EMR to assess access issues and follow their progress in managing chronic diseases. They have been active in developing quality improvement initiatives that include surveying patients on their needs as well as developing strategies to reduce hospital stays in vulnerable patients.
They model the essential components of a strong Patient Centred Medical Home including quality care, team collaboration, community outreach, and comprehensive care.

Awards of Excellence

The Manitoba College of Family Physicians is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Awards of Excellence, Dr Ganesan P. Abbu and Dr Alan Katz. The Awards of Excellence are presented to family physicians who have made outstanding contributions to the discipline of Family Medicine.

Dr Ganesan P. Abbu
Dr Abbu is being honoured for his outstanding service to medical education and training in Manitoba, specifically in the area of GP-Anesthesia.
Dr Abbu gained his medical degree from the Nelson Mandela Medical School in South Africa in 1987 and later trained in Anesthesia at the University of Manitoba. He has been working in Winkler for the last 18 years. Dr Abbu is involved in multiple training and practice improvement projects, most recently a “pre-op assessment app” that he has shared with colleagues. He is described as a consistent and valued resource for knowledge and support to his peers and leaners.




Dr Alan Katz
Dr Alan Katz has made a substantial contribution to the development of Primary Care Research both in Manitoba, across Canada, and internationally. Alan nurtured his love of research while practicing as a comprehensive family physician. He served as the Section Chair for the College of Family Physicians Section of Researchers and currently serves as the Director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. Dr Katz is the principal investigator for research funding of over $3m and a co-investigator for over $10m worth of research funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Research Manitoba, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. He has extensive experience in clinical practice, primary healthcare research, quality indicators of care, service delivery models, and health reform initiatives; and has led multiple successful research teams.
Throughout his career Alan has been a strong spokesperson for family medicine, not just in the realm of research, but clinical practice as well.

Claude H. Murphy CME Award

Dr. Erica Halmarson

This annual award is given to a member of the Manitoba College of Family Physicians who wishes to develop or improve his/her skills as a teacher and preceptor of medical trainees at either the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

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