Family Doctor Finder

Finding a family doctor

  • There is an easy way for you and your family to find a family doctor with Manitoba’s Family Doctor Finder Simply call or register online and the Family Doctor Finder will help connect you with a family doctor in your area who best meets your needs.
  • For more information or to register with the Family Doctor Finder:
    • Phone: 204-786-7111 (in Winnipeg) OR toll-free: 1-866-690-8260
    • TDD: 204-774-8618 o


Why are family doctors important?

  • Family doctors specialize in providing lifelong care for you and your family.
  • Your first point of contact with the health care system, family doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating the whole person. They care for patients in the office, the hospital, other health care facilities or the patient’s home.
  • Family doctors play a unique role in MB’s health care system.
  • Family doctors study family medicine, a certified medical specialty, and are trained to deal with any health problem. Family doctors also play an increasingly important role in the early identification of disease.
  • Having your own family doctor is good for your health!
  • Research shows that continuity in patient care – developing a relationship with your family doctor – provides better health outcomes for patients. Family doctors advocate for you and work with specialists and other health care professionals to provide patient-centered care. They also work with you to prevent illness and promote health living.