Statement on Racism

In Canada, Indigenous peoples and people of colour continue to be impacted by systemic inequities in social inclusion, personal health education, access to and the quality of health and social services. Indigenous peoples and people of colour have been overrepresented in statistics on those who experience violence in Canada. Manitoba having one of the highest reports of violent crimes against women, 9025 victims in 2017, 5-6 times higher than in their respective southern areas [1]. This is not only an important health care issue, but an urgent one, that needs our attention.

Family physicians have an important role to play when addressing the systemic racism that Indigenous and peoples of colour face every day. Family physicians cannot properly treat their patient’s immediate health concerns without first understanding and addressing the underlying socioeconomic factors that give rise to poor health. Each health care professional helps aid Indigenous peoples and people of colour to access to health care and social services by taking the same steps to eliminate the systemic barriers that would otherwise prevent them from accessing the same services most Canadians can easily access.

The MCFP is committed to promoting and practicing cultural safety and humility in the practice of family medicine. We recognize our Board is not yet fully reflective of the diversity of our membership. We invite members from under-represented groups to apply and urge members to reach out to their colleagues and support their nominations.

Our efforts toward cultural humility and anti-racism are just beginning, there is much to be done. We are committed to identifying further actions we can take in the immediate and long-term future.